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Select here to find out how to do a unique link for Gap Application to embed your agent ID code in link
Select here to access and download Gap Marketing materials
Select here if you need to add additional non-resident states as well as updating current licenses when they expire with current version
Select here to access and download important Gap Forms
Select here to access the Gap Enrollment Application - paper versions - application still must be submitted online but you can use these in the field
Select here to find out important producer news for Gap Plans, etc

Producer Back office

Company ID = healthyamerica
User ID = Your Gap Producer Code
Pass = Last 6 digits of social (or one you create)

Note:  Pass can be changed once you are logged in.  The very first time you ever log-in, it will also ask you for your entire tax ID or social.      


What You can Find in Your Back Office:

  • New Business Statements
  • Renewal Statements
  • Online Apps Link shows Apps Submitted in Real Time
  • Verification Status can be viewed in Online Apps

How To Do An App Webinar

Are you new to selling GAP or do you need a refresher course?  Our How To Do An App Webinar goes over all the processes of how to fill out the GAP Application properly as well as other administration processes. These include how to find your application on eagentcenter, how to make sure your client verified on time, as well as process times such as: when an application is submitted - when will you see it on your new business statement; when does the verification have to be completed before we close out the application; when do we draft and how long do you have before you have to have corrected billing if there is an error, etc.  By obtaining this knowledge, you can alleviate any issues and you can get paid!  Sign up for our weekly Thursday webinar by clicking on the training image below.


Gap Training - find out how to do a Gap App Properly, Verifications, How to get all your info in on time to get paid - sign up for the webinar now by clicking this link

Gap Application Producer Unique Links


Gap Producer Unique link - to get your unique agent link for online application, enter the link into your browser and put YOUR PRODUCER CODE where it says CODE in the link.

Gap Application Link

Use the Unique Agent Link Above or Go to the GAP Application Below and Enter Your Code When Prompted.

Marketing Materials

About our Materials

We offer smaller sized pdfs of the Sample Member Guides for all Gap Plans offered as well as UBA Membership Sample Guide. All sample guides include the membership dues on the cover for that plan. If you need print-quality higher res pdf versions of the brochure, please notify:

Molly Powell - VP Marketing

We are always looking to improve and add to our marketing materials for our GAP Portfolio.  Look here from time to time for new materials.      

Available Materials

We offer smaller sized pdf versions of our Sample Member Guides to view more about all Gap Plans offered as well as the UBA Membership benefits and services
Gap Videos to Share

Add Additional State License(s)

or Submit Renewed State License (s)


Additional State License(s)

Submit additional state license(s) if you want to add another state for appointment using the link below. New state appointments take 7-10 business days.


Renewed State License(s)

Submit your renewed license(s) in order to maintain an active status in your state. It automatically turns off your ability to view the state if your license expires.

Add Additional State Licenses and renewed license section

Gap Paper Applications

Get a copy of the paper application to take down the information while you are out in the field until you are able to get it entered online.
All applications must be entered online. Click on the images below to access the Paper Applications. 

Select here to view UBA Membership Stand Alone Paper Application

UBA Membership
Paper App 

Select here to view Gap Dental Plan Paper Application

Gap Dental Plan
Paper App 

Select here to view Gap Vision Plan Paper Application

Gap Vision Plan
Paper App 

Select here to view Gap RX Plan Paper Application

Gap RX Plan
Paper App 

Select here to view Gap ER Plan Paper Application

Gap ER Plan
Paper App 

Select here to view Gap HCI Plan Paper Application

Gap HCI Plan
Paper App 

Select here to view Gap AME Plan Paper Application

Gap AME Plan
Paper App 

Select here to view Gap CI Plan Paper Application

Gap CI Plan
Paper App 

Select here to view Gap Plus Plan Paper Application

Gap Plus Plan
Paper App 

Click here to view Gap Max Plan Paper Application

Gap Max Plan
Paper App 

Click here to view Super Gap Plan Paper Application

Super Gap Plan
Paper App 

United Business Association (UBA)


Gap Producer news section - find out information about the latest updates to Gap products, comp, etc.

Gap Producer News

Along with email updates, we post important updates and news here like the following below.  Check back here from time to time to keep updated on all Gap News.

Unsolicited RoboCalls Prohibited

This is a reminder that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) prohibits most prerecorded telemarketing calls, commonly known as robocalls, unless the telemarketer has the consumer's prior written authorization to make such calls. You should not use these services in your practice. If your clients receive any of these calls, they can file a complaint at for the FTC to pursue.

September 7, 2017 Release of New Products

We are very excited to announce the release of our 2017 Gap Portfolio. Along with the addition of new plans like Gap Dental, Gap Vision, Gap RX, we have also enriched some our products by adding ER to Gap AME, Gap Max and Super Gap. We have created the Gap Plus 7350 product to help supplement high deductible 2018 ACA business.

We are also excited to announce the improvements with the UBA Membership including savings on prescriptions through, unlimited telemedicine visits through MeMD, Free Vitamins, and much more all for the low monthly membership dues of $10. We hope that these exciting changes will complement your sales for the 2017-2018 enrollment season. And the great thing about GAP is that it can be sold long after open enrollment ends. If you would like to receive a copy of the sales training piece that goes over all the products as well as state availability, please email Molly at