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Gap Contracting


The fillable contracting paperwork pdf that allows you to sign via your mouse (or finger on touch screen devices) is very simple to complete. Just follow the steps below, but first, in order to complete the signature portion on the pdf, download the FREE Adobe Acrobat DC Reader. This is different than a regular Adobe Reader. So make sure you have the DC Reader download installed prior to selecting the Download Contracting Paperwork button. 


6 Simple Steps to Contract

Follow the simple steps below to complete and send in your contracting paperwork properly. Make sure you download and install the Adobe Acrobat DC Reader above before downloading the contracting paperwork or completing the next steps below.

Step 1 - Download paperwork


OPening The Gap Paperwork PDF

Screen shot of Step 2 which shows you the DOWNLOAD blue button that you must click on to fully open the Gap Paperwork

Step 2

Once you have clicked on the CONTRACTING PAPERWORK LINK in the previous section, it will open in your browser and you will see a BLUE DOWNLOAD BUTTON on the right (see screen shot image above - look for the pointing hand). Select it and then CLICK OPEN when the pop-up at the bottom gives you the choice of OPEN or SAVE.

Screen shot of step 3 which shows to click on Fill and Sign in the right hand side menu options on the Contracting Paperwork for GAP

Step 3

Once opened, you will CHOOSE FILL & SIGN from the menu located on the right (see the screen shot above of what you should see - look for the pointing hand on the image above).


Screen shot of Step 4 - signature fields part 1 - click on Sign in order to access the signature option on the pdf paperworkScreen shot of step 4 - signature fields part 2 section - where you click on Add Signature and then DRAW - you use your mouse to draw the signaure on the line with the red arrow and then click applyScreen shot of step 4, the signature fields part 3 - where you can drag the signature into your pdf document and resize it to the correct size needed for the paperwork

Step 4

Fill out the contracting paperwork in the fillable sections. See below for specifics on how to insert your actual signature in the paperwork.

Signature Fields - Part 1

To add your actual signature to the form, click on SIGN at the top of the page (see top left screen shot where the pointing hand is to locate the SIGN button). Once you select SIGN, it will ask you if you want to ADD SIGNATURE or Initials - ADD SIGNATURE.

Signature Fields - Part 2

Once you select ADD SIGNATURE, you will choose DRAW from the selections in the pop-up signature box (see middle left for sample screen shot). When you choose DRAW, you can sign using your mouse then click APPLY. You will now have your actual signature located in the SIGN button now.

Signature Fields - Part 3

Once you have added your signature, click on SIGN and then place your signature in the signature fields in the paperwork. You can resize it by dragging the box with your signature in it tothe desired size (see bottom left screen shot). Once done, click away and then you will see your signature in the fillable field. Do that for ALL signature fields.


Final Steps to Complete

step 5 - Saving Your Work

After you have completed all the paperwork, click on FILE in the top menu on the left and then SAVE AS - save the file with your name in the file name to your computer (see top right screen shot to locate where FILE and SAVE AS are located - look for the pointing hand. DON'T USE the Send and Track button - it won't send the information over securely). Remember which folder you saved it in so that you can retrieve it for the upload.

Step 6 - Review the Checklist for Submission

  • Completed Fillable Paperwork SAVED to your computer
  • Copy of Licenses for Appointment
  • Copy of Commission Schedule you received
  • Select UPLOAD button below to upload all above files in checklist to licensing - this will email them to us securely using our Sharefile link (see middle and bottom right screen shots)



Screen Shot of where to find SAVE AS on the menu to save the work to your computer so that you can attach it later using the upload paperwork and licenses link in this sectionscreen shot of what you will first see when you click upload paperwork and licenses in sharefile, our secure email upload vendorScreen shot of what to do once you enter the basic information, how to choose the files that you want to submit which should be all items listed in the Step 6 review checklist and then click upload files to send us the information securely right to the licensing department

licensing & Adding Additional States


Licensing Process Time

All appointments could take between 7-10 business days to process. Licensing will notify you by email with your Producer Code when your process is completed. This process time includes updating license renewals as well as adding additional states.

Adding Licenses & Additional States

If you are already appointed and need to add additional states or have you renewed your license and need to send us a current copy, please select the additional state / renewal add form below.


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