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Agent News Topics - Unsolicited Robocalls to Potential Customers
Unsolicited Robocalls
to Potential Clients 
Agent News Topics - New UBA Gap Online Proposal System
New UBA Gap
Online Quoting & Application 
Agent News Facts Topics - New Short Term Plan Coming Soon
New Short Term
Agent News Topics - FFM Certification for 2019
FFM Certification
for 2019 

Unsolicited Robocalls to Potential Clients

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Healthy America prohibits our agents from using unsolicited robocalls to market our products

unsolicited robocalls are prohibited

This is a reminder that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) prohibits most prerecorded telemarketing calls, commonly known as robocalls, unless the telemarketer has the consumer's prior written authorization to make such calls. You should not use these services in your practice. If your clients receive any of these calls, they can file a complaint at for the FTC to pursue.

New UBA Gap New Online Quoting and Application

Selling UBA Gap just got a lot easier!
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New UBA Online Quoting and Application

Need Help? Call 800.964.8331

Create a Proposal

Create Quote

You have the capability to create a quote for all offered UBA Gap Plans 

Email Proposal to prospective client

Email Proposal - Coming Soon

We are currently in the works to create a proposal that you will also be able to email to your client from the quoting system when logged in as an agent.

Client can apply directly from proposal

Client Can Apply

You can either send your client your unique link or fill out the application for them. They will receive a verification / esignature link at the end of the application process. Also, we are in the works on creating the proposal email that you will be able to send to a client with your agent code already embeded where they will be able to complete the application. We will let everyone know when that feature is available.

Back-Office View of all proposals

Back-Office Views

You will be able to see ALL completed applications (meaning they have completed the verification) in your back-office under online apps tab. If you see the application in your back-office, please know that it IS VERIFIED!

New Short Term Available Now

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Short Term Medical (STM) Plans now available

We are now offering the STM Plus Plan (Which includes STM Plan (C&F) with the new Gap Plus Plan) and we also offer STM Plan (C&F) stand-alone. Go to to check out more about these new plans.

Deductible Options for STM

Deductibles & Term Limits

Our STM (C&F) Plan and STM Plus Plan (C&F) will offer a $5,000 deductible option and will be available either in 6 months or 12 month plan durations. This makes this plan a simple STM plan to sell.

Coinsurance OOP for STM

Coinsurance OOP & more.

Our STM (C&F) Plan and STM Plus Plan (C&F) will offer a 20% coinsurance up to a $10,000 out-of-pocket maximum, a $50 copay and maternity coverage.

Reputable Insurance Company for STM

Reputable Insurance Company

Our two new STM plans that launch on 04.11.19 are underwritten by United States Fire Insurance Company.

FFM Certification to sell ACA Plans

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For 2019 open enrollment

Don't forget to get your FFM Certification completed for the 2019 Open Enrollment season. Open Enrollment falls between November 1, 2018 through December 15, 2018. Make sure to get your certification completed PRIOR to open enrollment beginning if you are planning on selling ACA plans.

FFM Certification to sell ACA Plans

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