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ACA Comprehensive
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We Hire Licensed
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Healthy America Top 100 Award 2019

"Over 20 years ago our current management team started a health insurance agency built on a singular principle...treat our members like family. We only offer health plans that we would feel comfortable offering our own family. We are proud to say that over these last 20 years we have provided quality health insurance for thousands of new members and their families. At Healthy America only the best will do!"

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How do I Join Healthy America?

We are health & supplemental health insurance experts to our core. Join the Healthy America team of agents. We offer competitive referral compensation, marketing support, simple, useful, and innovative technology and access to sell United Business Association memberships and supplemental insurance plans that include accident insurance, emergency room insurance, vision and dental insurance, term life insurance, critical illness insurance and more.

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How do I pick the right insurance plan?

We are health & supplemental insurance experts to our core. We can help you pick the right plan for your insurance needs including ACA Major Medical Insurance Plans, Medicare Supplement Plans, Short Term Medical Insurance, and Supplemental Insurance like: Accident Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance, Emergency Room Insurance, Dental & Vision Insurance, and Term Life Insurance. Let us help you find the right plan for your budget and your family needs.



Healthy America & Covid-19

Healthy America has maintained full operation during this interesting time in our history through employees working at home, along with staggered work-days with safe-distancing, wearing masks, and gloves as well as thorough cleanings to disinfect and ensure the sanitization of the office. Our staff has handled this crisis with fortitude to make sure that agents and members received calls back, all emails were answered and we completed our normal daily operations including sending out vitamins and fulfillment welcome UBA kits. We hope that everyone is staying safe and healthy and we pray for you and your family during this unique time in our lives.